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Fridley, Minnesota is located 20 minutes north of Minneapolis and 25 minutes northwest of St. Paul was founded in 1847. Since then, Fridley has grown to a total population of 27,208. The growth of Fridley can be contributed to its lakes, parks, schools, and employment. Fridley is known for the lakes and parks within the city as Fridley has 3 lakes and 3 rivers that flow through the city. Lakes such as East and West Moore Lake are great spots for fishing and families to hang out at during the hot summer days. Fridley is also known for the schools and variety of schools because they have 4 schools within the city with 3 of them being private schools. One school in particular has grown a lot of attention both for athletics and education is Totino-Grace. Totino-Grace has been known to have athletes and successful education programs from that has ranked Totino-Grace in the top half nearly in every category for private schools in Minnesota. Fridley is also widely recognized for its employment opportunities within the city including small business and large business such as Magnum Research, Medtronic, Cummins, Unity Hospital, Target, BAE Systems, Minco, Kurt Manufacturing, and Lofthouse. These are just some of the large companies located in the Fridley area and very recognizable for their brand image and brand reputation. Fridley is a great area for individuals and families due to the lakes and parks that offer great hangout spots with fishing and other outdoor activities. Fridley offers great education and athletic programs with the different variety of schools located within the city. Lastly, Fridley provides a great economy output with both large and small business.

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