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Maple Grove is located 20 minutes east of Minneapolis and 30 minutes from St. Paul was founded in 1858. Maple Grove has grown to a total population of 61,567, making it the 8th largest city in Minnesota. Maple Grove has grown due to the employment, commute, and attractions. Maple Grove’s employment and economic opportunities is superb with about 4,590 companies and stores in Maple Grove that provide jobs. Maple Grove has many employment opportunities that include retail, small business, medium business, and large business such as Boston Scientific. The employment opportunities in Maple Grove are just one reason of many reasons that draw attention to the city. Maple Grove’s commute is another great reason why Maple Grove has such a huge population growth. Commute roads such as I94, I694, I494, US169, and US610 all run into different areas of Maple Grove making it an easy city to drive to and from. Anywhere in Maple Grove, you are about 5 minutes away from at least one major interstate or highway which helps the commute time to decrease. Maple Grove is also known for the attractions around the city such as the 4 golf courses, 12 lakes, Rice Creek, Sports Dome, and Arbor Lakes. Maple Grove has a bunch of activities that friends and family can plan and attended during the summer days and winter nights that provides much entertainment. Having four golf courses makes it a hot spot to catch a few swings and fresh cut grass during the summer as well as some sunshine while fishing from a variety of lakes. If outdoors is not our style, Maple Grove has a great shopping center, Arbor Lakes, that has many brand name stores and provides shoppers a great experience with a short distance.

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