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Minneapolis was founded in 1867 and since then has grown to a total population of 410,567 and making it the 46th largest city in the U.S. Minneapolis has grown in many ways due to the economy, schooling, attractions, and parks. Minneapolis is considered the 2nd largest economic center in the Midwest with many large fortune 500 companies that have headquarters in Minneapolis such as Target, U.S. Bancorp, Xcel Energy, Amerprise, and Thrivent. Minneapolis hosts many job opportunities for all ranges of experiences and skills making it a great workforce center piece with lots of opportunities. Minneapolis is known for its school from 100 public schools, 19 contract schools, 5 charter schools, and 9 colleges. Minneapolis has great education programs for all ages to help develop children, teens, young adults, and adults with a bright future ahead of them. The schooling in Minneapolis can contribute to the growth of the economy in Minneapolis which makes it a great city to find a home for a family. Some of the well-known colleges in Minneapolis are University of Minnesota, Augsburg, St. Mary’s University, and University of St. Thomas. Minneapolis is also known for its attractions and parks that range from sporting events, to night life, and to public parks that have rivers flow right into them. When it comes to attractions, Minneapolis is known for the Minnesota Viking, Minnesota Lynx, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Twins, and as well as their Minnesota Wild hockey team. Minnesota has been excellent in sports for many years in a variety of sports and seems to always be a threat each year to many national teams. When it comes to night time, Minneapolis has a great night life in the city with big name clubs such as First Avenue, where Prince started out, as well as other clubs that seems to keep the city going through the night. Minneapolis is also known for its Minnehaha Falls that is MUST SEE attraction for landscape reasons and features or even visiting the parks where the Minnesota River and Mississippi River flow through for some summer sun and fishing. When looking at a city, it is important to know what kind of events get put on each year by the city and Minnesota is known for their events that can be contributed to their “Minnesota Nice.” Events such as Minnesota State Fair, Twinsfest, May Day Parade, Minneapolis Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon, and Holidaze. All these events are widely recognized and bring in large amount of attendees to make it a great get together. Interesting fact about Minnesota is that it has had over 104 well known superstars that can be contributed to such as Bob Dylan, Prince, John S. Pillsbury, Brock Lesner, Huber Humphry, Larry Fitzgerald, and Curt Carlson.

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